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Introducing The Picture Company | Value In Picture

The Picture Company Logo

Introducing The Picture Company. We focus on delivering high-quality digital media to help creatives, professionals, and brands showcase their unique stories and intrinsic value. Here’s a bit about who we are and an overview of what services we offer.

Our Values

We believe convention is not a boundary, everything has intrinsic value that can be magnified, effort and attention to detail make quality, and that authenticity matters.

Our Mission

We help creatives, professionals, and brands portray value and individuality through high-quality digital media.

Our Slogan

Value in Picture.

Introducing The Picture Company Services

Portrait photo of a girl in a meadow

Authentic Photos for Original People.

For Cinematic Portrait Photos we use attention to lighting, composition, and storytelling to create authentic and meaningful photos.

Premium Real Estate Photo of a house

Listing photos, Better.

Our goal for Premium Real Estate Photos is to showcase the value and character of high-end properties by focusing on stand-out features, paying extra attention to detail, and prioritizing natural lighting.

Content that Builds Brands.

We use specialized equipment along with platform-specific marketing strategies to create engaging content that builds brand equity and presence.

Action, Behind the Action.

With Behind The Scenes Content we showcase the people, creativity, and problem-solving involved in every production.

Why Choose The Picture Company?

  • Local to Utah: We are based in American Fork Utah and partner with other local businesses to provide our services.

  • High-Quality: We use specific equipment and techniques to ensure the highest quality in all our images and content.

  • Authenticity and Creativity: We believe being creative is crucial in creating any piece of content that stands out. From Cinematic Portrait Photos to Premium Real Estate Listing Photos we make sure to portray the value in the subject in a creative way.

  • Individualized Service: We communicate frequently directly with our clients to understand their needs and deliver personalized solutions.

Who's Behind The Picture Company?

Tobias Hales is the founder of The Picture Company and is currently studying Business Analytics and Digital Marketing at Utah Valley University. He has a passion for photography and content creation and developed his skills creating digital media for the last six years.

Let's Work Together

Visit our website to see our work, learn about our services, and book photos that meet your specific needs. Let us help you showcase your value and individuality through high-quality digital media.

The Picture Company – Value In Picture

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